Gyn GM - Trainers are terrible

Lowell, Massachusetts 0 comments

I signed up through the wow for training sessions .When you sign the gym totally backs it up and tells how great the trainers are .

I decided to give them a chance . They promised me the world of special attention, anytime i want they will meet me there bla bla . Once i paid in full and left , i was expecting someone to call me to set up training . Noone ever bothered calling me for 3 months .

I went and spoke to the Gyn GM and explained how I was cheated . He right away said oh we have nothing to do with them . They are an outside company. They werent when I came in and paid you .

Anyone works inside wow works for wow . Till now 6 months after i have yet to receive my 4 sessions paid for and no refund . I was robbed blindly basically . They will get theirs , no worries .

Don't anyone ever sign with those so called trainers .the one in foxboro they all are out of shape lol .

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